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Framed Canvas Monochrome – Assorted


Eye soothing gallery walls are best assembled from classic black and white eclectic images. This item speaks more than a thousand words on its own or tries blending in distinct and unique artworks. Good riddance to a plain lifeless entryway. With a fade-resistant canvas and a primed frame that hold strong against swelling and defects. Framed Canvas Surfers is truly a masterpiece.
70cm x 50cm

Choosing a gorgeous canvas print coupled with the potential for durability can seem daunting. Since canvas artwork inspires creativity, clients can explore their imaginations or try mixing in different artwork to form art collages. This product does not require routine maintenance as a gentle swipe with a Linen cloth is all that is required to maintain one’s canvas print. This piece is not restricted to hanging alone, placing it on a fireplace is a great alternative for the simple canvas print. Use bookshelves to display the canvas print in a multi-level arrangement. The surfer element is an easel to add fun to one’s interior.