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Mandala Dolphin Tale Necklace


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Mandala Dolphin Tail Necklace – embodying the essence of boho and coastal themes, this piece showcases intricate detailing in the perfect shape of a dolphins tail. It’s ideal for wearing solo or as part of a layered ensemble.

  1. Weight: The necklace weighs 3.9 grams. This lightweight design ensures comfortable wear.
  2. Width: The width of the necklace at the tail is 24mm. It’s important to consider the width when choosing jewelry, as it affects how the piece sits on your neck.
  3. Chain Length: The necklace comes with a 45cm chain, which includes a 5cm extender. This allows you to adjust the length to your preference. The extender adds versatility, allowing you to wear the necklace at different lengths.
  4. Marked .925 STΔR: The “.925” marking indicates that the necklace is made of sterling silver. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper). The “STΔR” marking likely represents the manufacturer or designer.
  5. Finish: The necklace has a high-polish, oxidized finish. A high-polish finish gives it a shiny, reflective surface, while oxidation adds depth and highlights details. Oxidation can create an antique or vintage look.
  6. Compatibility with Charms: The necklace is now compatible with charms. You can personalize it by adding your favorite charms or pendants.
  7. Craftsmanship: The exquisite chain is carefully crafted from fine sterling silver. Sterling silver is known for its durability and timeless appeal.
  8. Fragile Nature: Keep in mind that sterling silver jewelry is delicate. Gentle handling is essential to avoid accidental snags or stretching. Store it separately to prevent scratches.

Overall, this necklace combines elegance, versatility, and craftsmanship. Enjoy wearing it!